Shopping Centers

Places where people shop, often containing multiple stores dedicated to a variety of merchandise. These areas usually have restaurant, food courts, amusements and small entertainment venues.


Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolis, Japan
Akihabara is a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku goods, including new and used items. Its name is frequently shortened to Akiba and is actually Soto-Kanda, a part of

Floating Markets

Floating Markets were once busy and lively markets where farmers came and sold products on boats. Many floating markets have disappeared, and those that remain are usually very small and target

West Edmonton Mall

Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 4J2, Canada
Among the stores that are only found in Edmonton at the West Edmonton Mall are DeSerres, and Simons. The mall is home to the first Victoria Secrets store in Canada. A Target anchors the mall's southeast

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